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Holly Henderson is back and she brought you guys another delicious scene. Holly has an exhausting job and doesn’t really have to much time for relationships or a very active personal life, so she was extremely pleased when she found this cute guy. Her friends wanted to make her a surprise and set her up on a date with this tall, handsome guy that lived in the same town with her. With all her traveling she just couldn’t make the time to meet him and after she canceled two of three dates she finally got to meet him. He really was cute and tall and handsome but that still didn’t changed her situation.


After they spend the entire day together she wanted to leave him a special gift so she would be sure that he wasn’t going to forget her very soon. When she got home from her fantastic date she went straight to the computer and started searching for the perfect picture for him. She choose this one instead of others she had because it this one you can see it all. She was squeezing her big tits while she was completely naked on the beach and it also has a great view. If you want to see more pics with our blonde hottie check out her entire gallery. Enjoy it and if you liked her visit gorgeous Josie Model‘s blog and enjoy watching another cutie massaging her perfect tits!

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