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Holly Henderson – The Lagoon

Holly Henderson brought you this time one of her favorite shooting that took place at the lagoon. She bought a house earlier this year near the beach but never got the chance to stay more then a few hours in it. So when she got a few days off she went there to relax. After checking out the area next to her place and enjoying the sun and the sea she wanted to see if she could find more. So she walked all along the beach until she found this interesting cave. At first she didn’t want to get in, because she didn’t saw anyone getting out of it, but her curiosity made her go in.

She walked for a few minutes and there wasn’t too much light, but in the end it was all worth it. She found this amazing place cornered with rocks and the water was so warm. So she asked a friend to take some pics with her with his phone. Of course she couldn’t pose with her clothes on and she wanted to brag once again with her delicious curves once again, especially with her big tits. Once they got back at her place and she saw the nice pictures she knew that she had to share them with you guys. So enjoy it, and if you liked this cutie cum inside http://coccozella.org/ and watch other stunning chicks getting naked in public places!


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